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A full devote & gostely treatyse of ye Imitacion & folwynge ye blessyd lyfe of our most mercifull Saviour Cryst : compyled in laten by the right whorshypfull doctor master Johnn Gerson : & translate into englissh the yere of our lorde. M. D. II. by mayster Wyllyam Atkynson doctor of divyvyte [sic] : at ye speciall request & commaundement of ye full excellent pryncesse Margarete : moder to our soverayne lorde kynge Henry the. VII. and countesse of Rychemount and Derby
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(Imprynted at London in Flete Strete at the signe of the Sonne by Wynkyn de Worde [1502-1504])
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Gerson, Jean (1363-1429). Auteur prétendu du texte
Contributor : 
Atkinson, William (14..-1509). Traducteur
Contributor : 
Beaufort, Marguerite (1443-1509 ; comtesse de Richmond et Derby). Traducteur
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Type : 
monographie imprimée
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[78-18] f. (sig. a-b8, c-p6, q4 ; a-c6) : ill. ; in-4
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Nombre total de vues : 241
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[De imitatione Christi (anglais). 1502-1504]
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public domain
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Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Arsenal, 4-T-2080
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Bibliothèque nationale de France
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