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Titre : An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation : printed in the year 1780 and now first published / by Jeremy Bentham,...

Auteur : Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832)

Éditeur : T. Payne (London)

Date d'édition : 1789

Type : monographie imprimée

Langue : anglais

Format : 9-CCCXXXV p. ; in-4

Format : application/pdf

Droits : domaine public

Identifiant : ark:/12148/bpt6k93974k

Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Droit, économie, politique, F-17858

Relation : http://catalogue.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb30085224s

Provenance : Bibliothèque nationale de France

Date de mise en ligne : 15/10/2007

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were, in the eyes of him or her who are thus divefted of it, a defirable thing, is wrongful. S. Wrongful inveftment of filiation (the filiation being confidered as a beneficial thing.) This coincides with impofition of parentality, which, if in thé eyes of the pretended father or mother the parentality fhould be an undefirable thing, will be wrongfuI. 6. Wrongful abdication of filiation. This neceffarily coincides with wrongful diveftment of parentality it alfo is apt to involve in it wrongful impofition of parentality though not necefïarily either to. the advantage or to the prejudice of any certain perfon. For if a man, fuppofed at firft to be your fon, appears afterwards not to beyour's, it is certain indeed that he is the fon of fome other man, but it may not appear who that other man is. 7. Wrongful detrectation of filiation. This coïncides with wrongful non-inveftment or wronEfuI interception of parentality. S. Wrongful impofition of filiation. This, if it be the offence of the pretended parent, coïncides neceffarily with ufurpation of parentality if it be the offence of a third perfon, it neceflarily involves impofition of parentality,. as alfo diveftmentof parentality either or both of which, according to the circumftance above-mentioned~ may or may not be~wrongrur. MihTtanacement of above-mentioned may or may not be wrongfui, 9. Mifil1anagement of` parental guardianfhip. 10. Defertion of parental guardianfhip. n.Diffipation in prejudice of filial wardfhip. ï2. Peculation in prejudice offilial wardihip. 13. Abufe of parental power. i~ Difturbance oC parental guardianfhip. ï~. Breach of duty to parents. 16. Elopement from parents. 17. Child-ftealing. 18. Bribery in prejudice of parental guardianfhip.


We fhall now be able to apply ourfelves with fôme advantage td thé examination of the feveral offences to which the marital condition, or condition of a hufband, ftands expofed'. A hufband is a man, between whom and a certain woman, who in this cafe is called his wlfe, there fubufts a legal obligation for the purpofe of their living together, and in particular for the purpofe of a fex-ual intercourfe to be carried on between them. This obligation will naturally be confidered in four ` points of view i. In refpect of its commencement. 2. In refpeét of the placing of it. 3. In refpeét of the nature of it. 4. In refpec): of