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A free inquiry into the miraculous powers which are supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church from the earliest ages through several successive centuries , by which it is shewn that we have no sufficient reason to believe, upon the authority of the primitive Fathers, that any such powers were continued to the Church after the days of the apostles, by Conyers Middleton,...
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Middleton, Conyers (1683-1750). Auteur du texte
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Église -- Histoire -- Ouvrages avant 1800
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monographie imprimée
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CXII-232 p. ; in-4
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Nombre total de vues : 504
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Contient une table des matières
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public domain
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Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l'homme, D2-18175 (1)
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Bibliothèque nationale de France
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