side, and poura it over the hefd of the child. This he does four times, taHng the water auccessively from all four sides corresponding to the four sides of the cross. Then the priest ateps baekward, and that person cornes who wants to take the child out of the water, thé same who bas placed it there. Then the priest washes it, while the whole congrégation of the church is praying. Then it is definitively taken out of thé water, is adorned with a shirt, and carried away to prevent its feet from tonch.ing the ground, whilst the whole church cries seven times: m~tf ~t~aof, t.e. 0 Lord, /MW Mte~'c~ «~o~ Ms.' Then the child is completely dressed, 10 always being borne in the arms; thcn it is put down. Thereafter either it remains in the church, or it goes there again and again during seven days. On the seventh day the priest washes it again, but this time without uil, and not iu the baptismal vessel.

11. Theodosius, the monk, who tortured himself, and loaded himself with chains.

13. End of tho feast of Epiphany. On this day the noble saints on Mount Sinai were killed.

15. Petrus, Patriarch of Damascus.

17. Antonius, the first of the monks, and their head.

20 20. Euthymius, the monk, the tt-acher.

21. Maximus, the anchorite.

22. Cosmas, author of Christian canons and laws.

25. PoJycarpus, the bishop, the martyr, who was burned with nre. D 304 25. Johannes, called Chrysostomus. 'Imat~; is the Greek form for John.

31. Johannes and Cyrus, the martyrs.


1. Ephraem, the teacher.

2. ty< Feast, in recollection of Ma.ry's bringing Jésus to the temple of 30 Jerusalem, whcn hc was forty days of age. This is a Jacobite feast, held in great vénération among them. People say that on this day the Jews introduce their children into the temples, and make tliem read the Thora. If this is the case, it is in Shebat (the Jewish fonn of thé name) not in Shubât (the Syrian form), since thé Jews do not use the Svrian names. Between the 2nd Shubat and the 8th Adh~r the beginning of their Lent varies, of which we shaU speak hereafter. When fasting they never celebrate the commemora.tion-daya we mention, except those that fall on a Sabbath those and only those a:& celebrated.

3. Belesys, martyr, killed by the Magians.

40 5. S!s Ca.thoMcus, who first bj'oughtChristiMtity down to B3iurasan. 14. Commemoration in recollection of the finding of the head of the Baptist, :.e. John, the son of Zacharias.