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A collection of voyages and travels, consisting of authentic writers in our own tongue ... and continued with others of note, that have published histories, voyages... relating to any part of the continent of Asia, Africa, America, Europe... with a great variety of cuts, prospects, ruins, maps, and charts. Compiled from the... library of the late Earl of Oxford... Vol. I [-II]
Author : 
Usher, James (1581-1656). Auteur du texte
Author : 
Baudier, Michel (1589?-1645). Auteur du texte
Publisher : 
London : printed for and sold by Thomas Osborne. MDCCXLV
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Contributor : 
Grimeston, Edward (15..-16..). Traducteur
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Type : 
monographie imprimée
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Language : 
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2 vol. : pl. (cartes) ; in-2
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Nombre total de vues : 961
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Comprend : A geographical and historical disquisition touching the Asia properly so called, the Lydian Asia, which is the Asia... mentioned in the New Testament, the proconsular Asia and the Asian diocese ; The history of the court of the king of China
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Collection numérique : France-Chine
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public domain
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Source : 
Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l'homme, Fol. G-182 (2)
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Bibliothèque nationale de France
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