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                  Titre : Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London. Series B, Biological sciences

                  Titre : Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London. B

                  Auteur : Royal society (GB)

                  Éditeur : printed by Harrison and sons (London)

                  Éditeur : The Royal society (London)

                  Date d'édition : 1888-1990

                  Type : texte,publication en série imprimée

                  Langue : Anglais

                  Format : application/pdf

                  Droits : domaine public

                  Identifiant : ark:/12148/cb34422226r/date

                  Identifiant : ISSN 00804622

                  Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France

                  Relation :

                  Description : Variante(s) de titre : Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London

                  Description : Variante(s) de titre : Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London

                  Description : Périodicité : Irrégulier

                  Description : Etat de collection : 1888 (vol. 178)-1939

                  Provenance :

                  Date de mise en ligne : 15/10/2007

                  First issue for the year 1908 Previous issue 1908 (VOL199). Next issue Last issue for the year 1908
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                  Next page Last page (Screen 131 / 473)
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                  Title : Philosophical transactions of the Royal society of London. Series B, Biological sciences

                  Author : Royal society (GB)

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                  in a transverse border posterior to which is a clear area quite frec from noural <»est
                  élément^ and at the same tiine possessing a very scanty mesodenn. "This clear area
                  is ..bounded posteriorly by thé acustico-facial. ganglion and its pedicle. The ganglion
                  itself appears as an oval dark patch lying at a relatively greater distance from the
                  edge of the medullary plate than in the earlier neurular stage al ready described
                  (figs. 73 and 74). Thé pedicle which connecta- the obliquely-pliiced oval ganglion with
                  thé edge of thé medullary plate consists of a proliferating tract of cells. Just behind
                  the place of attachment of the\ pedicle, the medullary plate appears .slightly, but
                  distinctly, nairowed. Lying in a bay bounde,d mi;dinlly l.y the edge of this
                  constricted portion of the medullary plate, laterally hy thé hinder part of the Ë.
                  acustico-facial ganglion, and anteriorly by thé pedieie of this ganglion, there is
                  visible; hyboth of the jïgs. 75 and 76, a more or less roun<lod area of only slight ̃
                  opacity: "'Chia .-is due to thé jpresènce hère of a more or lms circular patch of °'
                  thickenedWface-ectoderm, conslituting the auditory plate."
                  If référence be made. to Plate 9 bit, illustrating Hili- and M ahtin's paper (hr. rit.),
                  it will be seen that in-their représentation of the sameembryo as thàt shown In our
                  présent 75, the reference-line aud." ieads to the açustico-facia^ ganglion, which
                  would thus seem to be' idèntified with the auditory platt». This, ]iov*wr, is -cleaily
                  ""ari oversight, for that which they correctly figure in section (jrfrîg. T>. Hite 10) as
                  'auditory plate," is obviously situated 'close to the edge'of tin» medullary plate, and
                  not so. far out as thé ganglion labelled "and." in Plate ÎT bis, The plane of the
                  section, illustrated An their fig.' 6, Plate 10, Mes just behind~and thé section
                  accordingly misses– thè posterior extfemity of thé acusfico-facial ganglion.
                  In the earjier Spécimens Z and ZZ we saw that the acustico-facial ganglion was' ``
                  situated tolerahly close .to.the.ëdge of the medullary .plate, with the deeper part of
                  whose latéral edge it is in obvious continùity. But, even in that stage, the sections
                  prove that, behind the neck or pedicle pf thé ganglionic thickenihg,- there èjtiste
                  -a differentiated area.of thickened ectoderm representing thé Anlage of thé audïtofy
                  Behind thé auditory region in fig. 76 there may be recognised the. representative
                  of the ganglionic plate which was indicated in the preceding phase as constituting
                  the rudiment of the-glossopharyngeus-vagus nerve-complex {cf. also text-tig1. 15).
                  This ganglionic plate is thin and impejfect, and is tolerably well "defined only
                  anteriorly and laterally, these marginal portions constituting the thickest portions
                  of the sub-ectodermal ganglionic cell-plate. The anterior inargin is contiguous to
                  thé posterior edge of the auditory plate, and it is this anterior margin which on
                  surface view is most plainly seen to be connected with the edge of the medullary
                  plate. The almost equally definite lateral marginal portion of thé plate is coïncident
                  with thé medial limit of thé pariétal zone" of embrypnic mesoderm, and indeed
                  with the inner limit of the coelom, which already occupies the pariétal zone in this
         (ç/1. fig. 96). R 2 .'̃̃

                  R 2

                  Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France

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