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Titre : Annual report of the Bureau of American ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian institution

Auteur : Bureau of American ethnology (Washington, D.C.)

Éditeur : Government printing office (Washington)

Date d'édition : 1929

Contributeur : Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902). Directeur de publication

Type : texte

Type : publication en série imprimée

Langue : anglais

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Description : 1929 (N47)-1930.

Description : Note : Index.

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Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France

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Relation : http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb37575968z/date

Provenance : Bibliothèque nationale de France

Date de mise en ligne : 15/10/2007

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The sun said to them, "Tanuru hupitanin, no, dear child, do not think such thoughts." So they went back to their place. But ail night they were wishing to see the young man in the other world, and they hoped that the next morning Nashon~uchu would do again what he had done. In the morning Nashôn'uchu did the same thing when the sun was rising. Because of the wishes and hopes of the girls the kick stick did not reach thé east, but the noon time place (pienai). Blue Corn girl and Yellow Corn girl opened the gate of the world, and the kick stick came down to the earth where the two girls were. Then Nashon'uchu, when he found that his Mck stick was down there, stopped at the gate and said, "E-e abu, oh my! Blue Com girl and Yellow Com girl." He found out at once their thoughts. Those girls wanted to marry Nashôn'uchu. So he said, "Nobody can marry me." Then the two girls laughed and said, "On orie~, shame! shame and bowed their heads over their grinding stones. One was grinding corn and one was grinding wheat. Blue Corn girl was feeding the sun with com meal. Yellow Corn girl was feeding the people of thé world with wheat flour. They had their grandmother (chPi) there. She was sitting by thé. fire. Then the old woman spoke to them, "E-e abu maku (grandcbild) ee abu maku! huniwa eyepiaweky. Do not think such thoughts 62 You are not supposed to marry Nashôn~uchu." Nashon~uchu was standing at the gate, listening, and he asked the girls to give him the kick stick, that he was working for his father, the sun, and for ail the world, so the people would have a good life and a long life. Now his father would be missing the kick stick and would be late. He asked the girls three times. They said they were not going to give him back the kick stick unless he promised to marry one of them. He answered that he could not marry. He said, "If you do not give my kick stick, I am going. I am late meeting my father." So he started to the sunset. When he got there he was late; his father was gone already. Then he turned back, sorry, worrying about his kick stick. He stopped again at the gate at sunrise. He spoke, "Akuwam~ (greetings)." The old women answered, "Akuwam~, grandcbild." He asked again for his kick stick. After he had left the girls they went up on top of the gate with the kick stick, and they were singing. Then they threw the com meal to thé north, koannwetoe. They flew out, and they shook their wings. That made the wind blow on the world-that was what made the wind. They descended at the mountain Narpyenai', on top of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain was a big mesa, Midpato', mesa sheer. They threw There is an Isletan tale, recalling a Zufii tale, in which the Corn girls compete for NasMrochi hy throwing their meal at an abalone shell in the wall to see if it will stick.

The différence in the phrase as used by the sun was explained on the ground that women say words alittle differently from meB.