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Titre : Annual report of the Bureau of American ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian institution

Auteur : Bureau of American ethnology (Washington, D.C.)

Éditeur : Government printing office (Washington)

Date d'édition : 1929

Contributeur : Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902). Directeur de publication

Type : texte

Type : publication en série imprimée

Langue : anglais

Format : application/pdf

Description : 1929 (N47)-1930.

Description : Note : Index.

Droits : domaine public

Identifiant : ark:/12148/bpt6k27660k

Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France

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Notice du catalogue : http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/cb37575968z/date

Provenance : Bibliothèque nationale de France

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wa,t6x~ pandoa.tôx~ napiau nanal pawita k'oashambana ? down flve ? levels down verily right there lake coming up kika'awei kikewei uwabana kikewei nashau ana'weiba yuea our fathers our mothers came up our mothers power belonging to them ? kikabewei shifun kabere shure kabere an imimbe papa'aiour chiefs Black Eyes chief shure chief ? ? older brothwei piewe imim w eiba kashanban kapiwide nashau imim ers same think their came up kapyo power naweiba inature' fat~owiban wadin waimaiba inhumi inkaatheir world made a gate their horns rub against, dig come or shasha'dewa kyiu piewirepoteban wakautufleri kochôa karuau bom into this world ? make you see giving breath from brains in organ near Com Mother, i. yourheart heart"

a., make you


kyiu na berka'cha takeban tochumi kaawe tuefuni imimbet mind meaning head man, i. e., father prayer stick

t'aikabede black

kabe hambemi to~ai pia'wide tuwitawedi p'~Bm.aihio.a kib~ofather same next to him [?] cane war chief road bringing coming chumi heuwi penawirw'ia shipapunaiti hekubti kaUiripeai from north along river valley (name of spring) one side of (nameofspring) koai~konkoai kikewei bee betotai~mabana. shiw'ibtoa name of village our mothers when she was living Isleta anatômatupi~na betokwotaibana hufibesei uremi na upini appointed stay ail the time at that time clouds coming with lightning coming up

topo o na konshiro topo benamakoakenuna.~

you hear with thunder you hear


Natoyai (in the house).

Response: Ha! 1

First they decided they would put in a t'aikabede (town chief). They wondered how could they put in the chief. So they went to the tula (kiva) and they talked it over and talked it over. But they did not know how because they had never seen a chief installed the way they wanted to do it. They were counting their days without food or water, four days. They could do nothing. There was a poor little boy, a crazy little boy, t~tuude, big head. They hated him. One decided, "We will call this tutuude and see how he can advise us." When thé little boy came in, they said to him, "We heard that you are the one who understands about installing a chief. Could you tell us about it?" The little boy said, "At the beginning, when we were coming, you know you had a chief already, but you left him behind and did not bring him up with you to this world. You left him at Shipapuna." (When we came up, the world closed up again, and the s Collective term for lightning, thunder, falling rain, rainbow.