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                  Titre : Annual report of the Bureau of American ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian institution

                  Auteur : Bureau of American ethnology (Washington, D.C.)

                  Éditeur : Government printing office (Washington)

                  Date d'édition : 1895-1964

                  Contributeur : Powell, John Wesley (1834-1902). Directeur de publication

                  Type : texte,publication en série imprimée

                  Langue : Anglais

                  Format : application/pdf

                  Droits : domaine public

                  Identifiant : ark:/12148/cb37575968z/date

                  Identifiant : ISSN 0097269X

                  Source : Bibliothèque nationale de France

                  Relation :

                  Description : Périodicité : Annuel

                  Description : Etat de collection : n. 1 (1879)-n. 48 (1931)

                  Provenance :

                  Date de mise en ligne : 15/10/2007

                  First issue for the year 1897 Previous issue 1897 (N19,PART1)-1898. Next issue Last issue for the year 1897
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                  Next page Last page (Screen 357 / 708)
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                  Title : Annual report of the Bureau of American ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian institution

                  Author : Bureau of American ethnology (Washington, D.C.)

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                  MooNEY] THE FIRST FIRE 241

                  account of the water, so they held a council to decide what to do. This
                  was a long time ago.

                  Every animal that could fly or swim was anxious to go after the 6re.
                  The Raven offered, andbecause he was so large andstrong they thought
                  he could surely do the work, so he was sent first. He flew high and
                  far across the water and alighted on the sycamore tree, but while he
                  was wondering what to do next, the heat had scorched ail his feathers
                  black, and he was frightened and came back without the nre. The
                  little Screech-owl ( T~'A-M/M~) volunteered to go, and reached the place
                  safely, but while he was looking down into the hollow tree a blast of
                  hot air came up and nearly burned out his eyes. He managed to fly
                  home as best he could, but it was a long time before he could see well,
                  and his eyes are red to this day. Then the Hooting Owl ( C~M&M') and
                  thé Horned Owl (;ZM~) went, but by the time they got to the hollow
                  tret the fire was burning so fiercely that the smoke nearly blinded
                  them, and thé ashes carried up by thé wind made white rings about
                  their eyes. They had to corne home again without the fire, but with
                  all their rubbing they were never able to get rid of the white rings.
                  Now no more of the birds would venture, and so the little Uksu'hl
                  snake, the black racer, said he would go through the water and bring
                  back some fire. He swam across to the island and crawled through
                  the grass to the tree, and went in by a small hole at the bottom. The
                  heat and smoke were too much for him, too, and after dodging about
                  blindly over the hot ashes until he was almost on fire himself he man-
                  aged by good luck to get out again at the same hole, but his body had
                  been scorched black, and he has ever since had thé habit of darting
                  and doubling on his track as if trying to escape from close quarters.
                  He came back, and thé great blacksnake, Gûle'gî, "Thé Climber,"
                  offered to go for fire. He swam over to the island and climbed up the
                  tree on the outside, as the blacksnake always does, but when he put
                  his head down into the hole the smoke choked him so that he fell into
                  the burning stump, and before he could climb out again he was as
                  black as the Uksu/hï.

                  Now they held another council, for still there was no fire, and the
                  world was cold, but birds, snakes, and four-footed animals, all had
                  some excuse for not going, because they were all afraid to venture
                  near the burning sycamore, until at last Kânâne'skï Amai'yëhï (the
                  Water Spider) said she would go. This is not the water spider that
                  looks like a mosquito, but the other one, with black downy hair and
                  red stripes on her body. She can run on top of the water or dive to
                  the bottom, so there would be no trouble to get over to. the island, but
                  the question was, How could she bring back the nre? ~ni manage
                  that," said the Water Spider; so she spun a thread from her body and
                  wove it into a ~M~ bowl, which she fastened on her back. Then she
                  crossed over to the island and through the grass to where the fire was
                  19 ETH–01–––16

                  Source: / Bibliothèque nationale de France

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